Sales of off-catalogue products
to International buyers

Company Stock…

Many businesses have problems in dealing and managing stock, especially for products with low turnover such as out of production items or unsold from earlier Seasons. Often with only two available options: opening new direct commercial channels such as outlets (option which require investments a operating costs), or clearance sales to discount wholesalers (option which often generate revenues lower than the costs).


GruppoBPC International, operating on International markets, has the opportunity to enhance the value of these products, suggesting them as new to many operators interested in their acquisition at heavy discount (40/50%), however at values for the company still higher than to those it would have obtained through a “stock sale”.


The search of International Buyers

In this project (Stock Outlet), after having examined a new client company interested in the sale of it’s out of production offer on international markets (analyzing factors such as the characteristics of the products, the target audience thus the commercial sales channels), we submit a letter of engagement and our sales manager launch a well organized and widespread commercial campaign on the market.

The mandate consists in identifying buyers sensible to the price element, which however desire new products with high quality (and not tied to seasonality or fashion trends), such as retail chains in urban or suburban areas, commercial outlets, or distributors with a sales network already organized on the territory.


How does the sale take place?

Our teams therefore carry out a promotion of the company’s inventory at the buyers, through a commercial action on the territory. Instead of sending catalogues through mail or e-mail, for the purpose of presentation, GruppoBPC has created a B2B platform where the buyers are invited to view and examine directly online the stock products, previously loaded prior to the launch of the commercial campaign.

Stock Platform

Each interested buyer is assigned with an access ID through which it can view the catalogues of the companies deemed more interesting, and carry out order requests through a virtual cart.

The phases of the commercial action

After having agreed to a commercial collaboration for the development of sales of the stock products
with the supplier company, we commence the activity, in the following exemplified passages:

Analysis Offer

We analyze and comprehend the characteristics of the products of the supplier company, our client.

Catalogue preparation

We elaborate together the list of the descriptive fields of the products which will be loaded online, customizing the presentation area of the products of the supplier company.

Stock uploading

We provide the supplier company with access to the insertion of the stock, in order to load products, codes, description, full price and discounted price, etc

Launch of the commercial action

We launch the commercial action of the targeted foreign market, through the contact with tens (hundreds) of potential operators interested in the offer published online.

Evaluation and request from the buyer

The international buyer, which is assigned a personalized access, is able to navigate the entire catalogue of the client company and make order requests, viewing a cart of selected goods that are sent to the vendor company and to the team of GruppoBPC International for approval and issue of a pro forma invoice.

Payment and Shipment

The international buyer therefore proceeds with the payment of the supply, and sends copy of the bank receipt to the vendor company which will begin to organized the shipment*.

* All the prices of the products are ex-works, costs of transportation and customs are to be paid by the recipient of the goods.

The advantages
of choosing our service

A mother tongue International team at full disposal

A team specialized in marketing and sales in their own foreign markets (USA, Russia/CIS, Southeast Asia) which actively promote the commercialization of the online stocks in the target sales channels.

Facilitate the purchase of internationl buyers

International buyers can easily visualize the catalogues, applying search filters, enlarging photos of the precuts and arranging a shopping cart and viewing the archive of their personal orders.

Customer retention

Due to the fact that the buyers which make purchases can re-enter the platform at any moment for new orders and can be informed through email of the periodic availability of new products.

Increase the value of your inventory

Giving a value to the unsold products not “by weight” (through a clearance sale), but a discounted price (e.g. 45/50%), allowing to preserve the recovery of the investment.

Having an online inventory

An inventory rich in photos and information of the product, that allows to reorganize and visualize in a homogenous way your slow moving product, often “forgotten” and not given value compared to all the more recent collections.

Directing aimed commercial actions

Thanks to the stock panel, it is possible to restrict the access to the buyers of certain markets or channels rather than other. In this way it is possible to do a commercial campaign without cannibalizing the existing sales network which carry out the trade of seasonal collections or catalogue products as opposed to stock.

Stock Platform by GruppoBPC International

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