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Over the years, we have gained tremendous experience across many industries and markets, facing complex challenges and optimizing each investment to achieve higher results.

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Leading your international journey

Services for Companies

The underlying secret of our increased performance across international markets is what we call the "GruppoBPC International's way". Our focus on rationalizing the processes, thus segmenting the international projects into smaller phases. Our services are studied to support every steps of the international growth with a specific set of activities:

Business Development Business Development

Expand your markets and supply chain, covering the preliminary analysis and preparation phase, and the subsequent phase of the project development in the international market.

Strategy and preparation

  • Market and Industry Analysis
  • Channels & Market Strategy
  • Contact Lists
  • Company Preparation
  • Discovery Mission

Market development

  • Sales Mission
  • Exhibition Support
  • Export Start
  • Export Development
  • Market Expansion
  • Import Scouting

Foregin investments Local presence

Launching presence on foreign markets through a direct structure, in joint venture or through partners, using alternative growth and organization formulas.

Partner search

  • Scouting Joint-Ventures
  • Franchising / Licensing Agreements
  • Outsourcing Mandates

Local unit setup

  • Company Setup Advisory
  • Hosting Solution
  • Management Setup Support
  • Development Assistance & Monitoring

Foregin investments Foreign investments

Acquiring or selling companies or assets, such as patents, properties, corporate goodwill, providing market investment scouting and negotiation turn-key support.

Asset acquisitions

  • Investments Search & Assessment
  • Negotiation Assistance
  • Operations Supervision

Asset sales

  • Investors Search & Assessment
  • Sale Negotiation & Closing

Together to bring value

Services for Business Partner

GruppoBPC International promotes joint cooperation with Organizations, Banks, Trade Associations and public Institutions in order to create value-added services for their customer base.

With a flexible approach upon our Partner business model and goals, we can provide our Partners a set of services such as:

  • Front desk in International markets, as their outsourced representative office being able to provide qualified local business development services for their corporate clients
  • Source of market data, trends and international trade business cases to be presented in workshop, seminars and B2B meetings
  • Customized business development services to submit directly to their clientele
Strategy and preparation
Strategy and preparation

The business partner can take a lead in our relationship with their customers (as project management, coordination and administrative role) or just be constantly informed of the ongoing project, upon its service model and indications.

The partnerships within our organizations is a win-win: GruppoBPC is introduced to a pipeline of qualified corporate clients, and the Partner outsources a non-core service and provides to its associates a value driven guide to their international growth.